Computers Slow Causes and How to Solve

computer slow down not responding

Problems slow computer or laptop at work is often detrimental to users. Many jobs are not finished because the performance of computers and laptops are very slow. There are some things that cause your computer to run slowly.

the performance of the laptop such as snails
the performance of the laptop such as snails
Here are some of the causes why the computer or laptop to be slow, please read one by one and try to apply it on your computer. Due to sixth following factors are common factors or frequent.

Temp files. the which is too large.

When we access the Internet through a computer, then the computer will store some data into a temp folder. when the folder is already very large, it may be this will slow down your computer’s performance.

How to solve too largeĀ temp files :

  • Exit all programs.
  • On the keyboard, hold down the WINDOWS key and then hit R.
  • In the Run window, type %TMP% and then click OK.
  • Delete the contents of the folder that opens up.

Too many programs installed

Sometimes we pay less attention to this point, we often install software that if it were not so important to our work. As a result, the computer will run a lot of programs when the computer is first turned on. This obviously weighed heavily on computers. The fix is very easy, you can uninstall apps that are not so important in the control panel in order to disable the application is not running when the computer is turned on.

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How to solve too many programsĀ :

  • Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Programs > Select programs not so important to our work > Uninstall

Computer specs are lower than the specifications required by the application

If your computer is able to work seamlessly but on your computer game play feels very heavy and slow, it means that you run the game requires a higher specification. Try to see the ‘system requirements’ game so that you can compare it with your computer’s capabilities. So do not be forced.


Make it a habit to always update your antivirus database to avoid virus attacks that can slow down your computer’s performance.
That’s a little ways to cope with a laptop or computer that is running slow. Please take care of your computer properly, clean the components, do not install any software, update the antivirus regularly, upgrade computer components with better components. That way your computer will work optimally and is not slow anymore.

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