Microsoft Confirm Hardware Specifications Project Scorpio

As promised, Microsoft finally officially unveil the full specification console Project Scorpio. Unfortunately, the company founded by Bill Gates that still does not display a list of games that will optimize the capabilities of the console hardware.

As quoted from page Eurogamer via Gamerant, Friday (04/07/2017), Microsoft uses special Ryzen AMD processor-based Jaguar for this new console. Given the ability of the hardware installed on this console, Microsoft claims performance would be 31 percent faster than the Xbox One.

In addition to the CPU being used, Microsoft also revealed information about RAM, GPU, and HDD Project Scorpio which you can see below.

Based on the information above specification, Microsoft is fulfilling the promise of those who want to provide the experience of playing games with 4K format better than PlayStation 4 Pro. Interestingly, Microsoft claims 4K format games-games that run on Project Scorpio, can continue to be enjoyed by gamers who do not have a 4K monitor though.

Given the hardware specification Project Scorpio, it will be interesting to see how developers to optimize games for games such specification of their work.

But just information, Microsoft has not shown the form, name, and revealed the price of this console. The company said the Scorpio Project related information will be revealed further at E3 2017 in June.

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