In addition to Apple, All Laptop Makers “Lies” About Battery Life?

A surprise came from Which review, which concludes a new fact. They reveal the fact that few vendors mention maker turns laptop battery life is far from the facts, except Apple. Among the several vendors are Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus. The test was unsparing many! Each vendor tested some of the latest laptops in circulation: Acer (8); Apple (3), Asus (8), Dell (10), HP (12), Lenovo (20), Toshiba (6).

After that, every laptop tested in several ways. The first way, charge the battery fully, then allowed to run out. After that, the battery is filled to the brim again, then assigned a specific task such as browsing or watching a movie, until the battery runs out. The average value that was used as the results for this test. The result can be seen from the picture above. Only Apple touch the figure exceeds the claims they promised. But whether this test is reliable? I have no idea. For the calculation will be battery subjective indeed. Even the task of browsing or watching movies can drain your battery in a different way. For example, what sort of web or video codec like what? Some vendors joined commented on this discovery. HP considers the differences were not carefully screen resolution could take effect. While Dell states that the durability of the battery life is a vague concept that is difficult to measure because each individual using a PC in a different way. What about friends? What you believe and have experience with this kind of test?

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