Apple Will Launch iMac for Professionals

Apple Will Launch iMac for Professionals

Apple plans to better accommodate the needs of professional users, especially in terms of computer equipment in this year. The Cupertino-based company has just revealed plans to bring the iMac in the pro version.

“We plan to start creating iMac configuration that is specifically targeted to the needs of professionals,” said Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller, as quoted from page Business Insider, Wednesday (04/05/2017).

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Unfortunately, he did not reveal details of the plan, including the series name to be used and the features that will be pinned. Nevertheless, he made sure that the desktop will not be equipped with a touch screen.

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According to him, the touch screen capabilities not included in the list of interest to professional users.

“They (the professionals) is more interested in other things such as performance, storage, including the possibility of renewal,” he said.
Previously, Apple’s decision to bring the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar which had been criticized. Priced high, not a few users who felt the ability was not a too special laptop.

Therefore, not a few users who asked that the company headed by Tim Cook was immediately put a computer that is intended for professional uses. Moreover, it has been three years ago Mac Pro series for the first time introduced.

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In addition to announcing the presence of the iMac is equipped with the ability to more qualified, Apple also mentioned have set up the latest version of the Mac Pro in 2018. As for this year, set up a Mac Pro with additional features.

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