Prohibition Takes Laptop and Tablet in aircraft cabins? Tips For Safe in Baggage When Checking

A few weeks ago, made by US and UK regulations that prohibit laptops and tablets be taken into the cabin to the aircraft from the Middle East and North Africa. It’s not impossible, some providers of airport services in Indonesia is also doing the same thing some time to come.

Airlines in New York also have started to adjust the rules of the US ban issued electronically. Because among the airline was affected by the prohibition of carrying a laptop and a tablet to the cabin such as Etihad, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates. The airline also has flights from Indonesia to the USA sometimes, transit through countries around the Middle East and North Africa. So, obviously subject to the rules Tablets and Laptops blocking this.

Well, what should we do to make our gadgets safely in the aircraft baggage?

1. Select the Boot Phase Gadgets Who Has Brief

Usually we will automatically turn off the laptop and the tablet when it departs from the residence. But after arriving at the airport checks, the gadget will go again and certainly not dangerous. Because that’s when the gadget on and off quickly, we will not waste a lot of time.

2. Contents Suitcase with Backpacks and Bags Laptop

Dangerous than placing electronic devices away from us is the issue of protection and security. Up to now there are still penetrate suitcase at airports even if custody is already primed.

That is why, by placing a backpack or laptop bag that is large enough, the thief will not take our laptop although uncovered zipper suitcase, because it has been confused with another bag lining. When the thief was very desperate too, we can surely recognize our bag containing a laptop computer.

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3. Place in the Middle Layer Clothing

Well, if that is to avoid the rude behavior as the officer put our bags in the trunk. Some clothes are placed in the top and bottom can be a bearing that does not make us broken laptop or tablet even when the suitcase was slammed though.

4. Select Type Laptop Tough

If friends want a comfortable and quiet when alternating abroad, bring a laptop that has escaped testing-testing the durability of the military. For example, moisture resistant, altitude, temperature extremes, vibration, etc. Some of them are several types of Lenovo ThinkPad and HP EliteBook lineup.

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