4 The thing about Cyber Security, Fact or Myth?

About cyber security in the online world and the protection of our data, security experts often suggest using a combination of a strong password and do not open any pages on sites that are unclear and unreliable.

Even so, a recent report from US research institute Pew Research reveals a number of things that are often misunderstood on cyber security, as quoted by CNN Money, Saturday (08/04/2017).

1. Email Always Safe?

According to research, 46 percent say that email is always encrypted. Mentioned, encryption is only to ensure that e-mail senders and recipients can access the contents of the email.

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Although a number of email providers such as Google and Yahoo encrypting e-mail users, inherently universal. It is known, a number of email providers warn users if they do not encrypt emails. An example of this can be seen from the warning given by its current Gmail is about to send or receive e-mail from a source that is not secure.

Well, if you do not worry encrypted email, it’s good to start switching to Gmail or Yahoo Mail are indeed services encrypted by default.

2. Private Browsing?

In private mode (or Incognito) can prevent browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari collect activity data users. Unfortunately, it was not to prevent Internet service providers like Comcast to monitor your activities.

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Of those surveyed, only 39 percent knew the broadband companies can see your online activities, even when you’re surfing with Incognito mode though.

3. If Already Turning off GPS Nobody Can Track Us?

Half the respondents surveyed have believed turn off the GPS can prevent users from tracking activity. It turned out to turn off the GPS does not mean we become untraceable, because location services are embedded in smartphones still unknown.

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Pew Research noted, mobile phone users connected to cell towers and WiFi connection can also be tracked. That is, when the smartphone is connected to the signal, its existence can be known.


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