Avoid 5 Things To Not Be A Victim’s Hacking

Hacking or cracking arguably be one of the dreaded thing Internet users (Netter). Why this is so, because if the e-mail account
or their social networking sites was hacked, personal data can be switched to the hands of the irresponsible.

If explored further, hacking is not only happening because of the expertise of the hackers. Because in reality, you also become a loophole negligence causing them to become victims of hacking.

OSWorld compiled from About, Saturday (08/04/2017), here are five things to avoid falling victim to hacking.

Using the same password for multiple accounts

You should avoid the use of passwords or the same keywords to multiple accounts. Although the use of the same password appears to be a good idea so you do not bother to remember many passwords, in the perspective of a hacker, it is very much in his favor.

Obviously, if one account is successfully hacked, the same password on other accounts will be easily accessed by the hacker. Therefore, choose a strong and unique password for each account to prevent that from happening.

Using the wireless network encryption weak

If you have a wireless network in your home and do not encrypt it, or using weak encryption, basically you let anyone have access to your internet connection. In addition, you also have ‘helped’ by hackers to pave the way for them to spy on your network traffic or do other bad things in your internet connection.

However, if for example you have enabled encryption, encryption may be that you are using is outdated WEP-based encryption and is very easy to be hacked. WEP encryption is known to easily hacked by most hackers and not too plays a role in protection from hackers. Therefore, consider using WPA 2 encryption based on the SSID name and wireless network key words that can be tuned.

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Responding to the pop-up messages or emails unknown

Clicking the link in the e-mail that is not known and a pop-up is a very quick way to make your computer is infected with malware. Therefore, should you need to put a high suspicion of the e-mail you do not recognize.

Even the pop-up messages that seem harmless may be an attempt to lure you click. Therefore, you need to activate the pop-up blocking feature of the browser (browser) you and also consider using a plug-in such as NoScript to protect themselves from malicious pop-ups.

Using the OS and applications are not given patch

Installing security patches in a timely manner is very important. Hackers and other cyber criminals rely on the fact that many potential victims they tend to have a system that is not given patch, so the higher vulnerability. Hackers will exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to the victim computer. Actually, this kind of attack can often be prevented, if its patching system with the latest security patches.

Enable ‘auto-update’ on your operating system, so your computer can automatically install security patches as soon as patches are available from your operating system vendor. Then, set calendar reminders repeatedly to check the security update program or other applications. Beware, especially in managing applications and browser plug-ins that have a lot of interaction with the Internet, such as Adobe Flash, Acrobat, Java, and so on.

Turn off security features

Sometimes users turn off all firewalls on their computers due to difficulties with certain applications that connect to the internet. Therefore, the firewall should be disabled once enough so that the program or application that is able to function. Furthermore, the user may forget to re-enable the firewall after they have finished using the application, or they may decide that they think the problem is caused by a firewall is not comparable with the existing protection.

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Antivirus protection, sometimes other features are often turned off in the computer. Some people turn it off in the hope that it turns off antivirus will improve computer performance to run games or other applications that consume a lot of resources. In fact, these security features to protect your computer and data from danger. Antivirus is very important to the overall security, so remove or disable tantamount to getting rid of the front door of your home just because you do not like your door creaking noises.

If the security feature or application is causing the problem, try to find the root of the problem, not just disable your protection. If the virus scanner you slow down your system, consider a scheduled system scan in the middle of the night, when you are not using your computer.

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