Agent AI Like Baby Created By Baidu

Creating an AI that can be taught in the same way as a human, it looks like China’s Baidu technology may have several advantages: Its new virtual AI can learn skills in the same way like babies learn from their parents.

A researcher taught Baidu technology to such an AI agent to navigate the 2D world called XWORLD, using language and images to convey information to the agent. Virtual AI will then take that information to understand and complete the task at hand, and apply them to the future skills by using the language.

Baidu is one of the leaders in the development of AI, along with Google, Amazon, IBM, and others. As the “Google of China,” because the use of Google is still banned in China, it has a big advantage over search engine Google: In the fall of 2016, Baidu began offering open-source platform for machine learning. It has also been developing driverless technology in Beijing which is highly dependent on machine learning.

Baidu trial aims to overcome a major obstacle in the development of AI: Transferring skills from one domain to another, that is easy for humans, but it is difficult to AI. To overcome this hurdle, Baidu teach language AI agent, the same way humans would teach each other. Agents were given several commands such as natural language as, “Please point to apples,” or “Can you move to the network between apples and bananas?” – and were rewarded for completing the correct action. The result is that the AI ‚Äč‚Äčagents can understand the language that had already become a means for it, and can adjust the action accordingly.

According to the release Baidu, the result “brings us one step closer to the engine teach to learn as humans do,” and the trial could lead to the development of robots for household and can learn from his “family.”

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