Chip Implant Swedish company Apply for Employees

Trends in the use of chip implants are implanted in the body for a variety of needs already done a number of companies. One of them is a Swedish startup hub named Epicenter were offered chips to its employees.

Quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (04/07/2017), workers and startup there can leverage embedded chip to perform a variety of functions, ranging from open doors, operate the printer, or buy drinks with a sweep of his hand.

Implantable chip technology is not new and has been widely used for various purposes. But in large-scale use of this kind are rare. Despite offers convenience, this technology still reaps polemic, one of them a security and guarantee privacy of user data.

As is known, chip implants can be used to monitor the movement and know the health condition of the user. Data collected to date it is not clear to use and can be utilized irresponsible parties.

The epicenter is actually not the first company to apply this new technology. The Belgian company named NewFusion have done the same thing some time ago.

By utilizing the implanted chip, employees can access the company’s computer system and perform other administrative matters with ease, such as confirmation of attendance, ordering food or just send messages via computer.

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