New Generation Mavic Pro Be Smallest Spark Drone

Spark, Mavic Pro New, New Generation Mavic Pro

After introducing the drone with the compact design of last year, Mavic Pro, DJI still has other plans. Companies from China reportedly plans to launch a smaller drone of Mavic Pro.

Based on the leaked pictures on the internet, drone named Spark has a sleeve and a motor similar to Mavic, only performed with a smaller size. The bottom of the drone is also equipped with sensors that may be used to adjust the position.

Quoted from Tech Crunch, Saturday (04/08/2017), there is also a panel in front of the camera that can be used to hide an additional sensor, thus enables the presence of the ability to avoid obstacles.

But the camera is pinned on the gimbal Spark is slightly different from Mavic. At Spark, camera specifications are not known is visible only be directed to the top down.

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Design drone was fairly similar to Mavic, which has four contact points are used as a charging dock or landing platform.

Although not yet official, the news about this drone presence increasingly strong because DJI appeared to have registered the trademark with the name Spark.

Controller could not be ascertained as to what would be used for Spark. However, some estimates suggest that it is likely Spark did not use special controllers and controlled enough to wear a smartphone application.

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The news about the presence of Spark too busy talking on the forum drones. Discussion topic enough to attract attention is a function of this drone. Some people refer to Spark an selfie drone, while others call these drones used for racing purposes.


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