iPhone 4 Review By Experience

Iphone 4 Review Experience

iPhone, Apple’s premium mobile phone is a phone that created the technology trends and models in the end always be an inspiration to other mobile phone manufacturers launch of each new series. Consumers who buy the latest iPhone most usually is the “The-Have” (whether it is true that the rich or coerced to look rich: p) and people who need a high-performing phones yet simple to use and has a high prestige.

Premium, that’s the first impression sticking out of the iPhone 4. The combination of black glass on the front, which is very thick aluminum bezel material, and again behind the black glass to make an impression when viewed and held be … wow. The styling is very distinctive, because this is the last iPhone (4 and 4s) that uses a 3.5 inch screen dimensions and the last iPhone which was created when Steve Jobs was still alive. For me personally, this generation iPhone was very tastefully identity at all Apple and other mobile phone design mimics that time.

Front side there is the Home button that characterizes Apple, front VGA camera and earpiece. On the right side, there MicroSIM slot (the phone is the first phone that uses a Micro SIM card types), and on the left there is a mute switch and volume buttons. At the top there is a lock button, a second microphone, and 3.5mm audio jack. The lower part is inhabited by speakers on the right and on the left of the main microphone. Lastly, the rear are made of glass contained only a 5MP camera flash.

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The screen used to perform very well, having optimal brightness, can be seen under the scorching sun, natural colors and wide viewing angles of 178 degrees without distortion. The responsiveness of the screen is also perfect, smooth sweep and I did not experience a lot of ‘tripping’ during use. The size is only 3.5 inches on the other hand has a high practicality because the finger does not have far to move to navigate, but when used for browsing feels a little bit small. To read more text, must often wipe the screen more often, especially in the mobile-formatted sites. If the quality of the screen should be compared with Android phones worth hundreds of thousands to 1.5 million, I would choose the iPhone 4 as the display screen of the best quality.

Using iOS 7.1.2 which is the latest version of the iPhone 4, the phone is still able to run most applications available on the App Store. Indeed, the iPhone 4 does not have the features of the iPhone and iOS next generation, like Siri, Apple Music, Airdrop, etc. But, I think with the removal of these features will help lighten the work of iOS 7 in the 2011 mobile phone output.

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IPhone 4 hardware specifications when compared with similar precious Android phone, looks very inferior. This phone carries only Apple A4 processor speed 800Mhz, 512MB RAM and PowerVR SGX545 GPU.

In fact, when tested used daily with the main use of social media and messenger, as well as with some 3D games, look iPhone 4 is starting to show his age who are not young. Running iOS 7 when the phone is empty still feels smooth and comfortable, but when it is loaded with applications LINE, Whatsapp, Instagram, Path and VSCO, the discomfort began to emerge. When opening these applications, there was a little broken at the time of rolling screen. Open a message from a group chat LINE piling up, making me have to increase the level of patience. Instagram becomes slow after opening kept about 15 minutes, and when running a Path feels a bit staggering. A little note, though noticeably slower but this phone never experienced hang, alias all applications continue to run even though the pace should slow.

My message, do not try to install BBM on iPhone 4, because this is the application that makes this phone becomes very slow. And the most I did not enjoy, when the phone slows down the body will feel the heat, especially when using a 3G network.

Quality 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash embedded is quite satisfactory. At the time of abundant light outdoors, the result of which was captured clean, with natural colors but still bright and the division of its dynamic range is pretty good. HDR feature worked perfectly, something rarely found on an Android phone for $ 1 million. Shutter button and autofocus speed is quite normal, but it is far from slow.

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