iPhone 5 Review By Experience

Previously I also give my first impression when holding and try a little mainstay features available in it when unboxing. And this time, I will try to explore a little more deeply about the iPhone 5, compared to the first impression that I present some time ago. Hopefully with the presence of the iPhone 5 this review, you can specify whether the iPhone 5 is a device that deserves to be bought or not.

This review will I present myself with a bit more relaxed style than usual. Okay, fasten your seat belt!

Review Iphone 5 By Experience


iPhone 4-inch screen and is the best screen in its class. As previously informed, the iPhone 5 using the In-Cell technology sector so that the display screen performance increased but comes with a thinner size. It has also been proved from the results of testing by DisplayMate. And based on testing against my beloved iPhone 4, the screen quality possessed iPhone 5 can not be doubted.

Use of the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 itself I think personally is not enough to add the effort for me during the use of the iPhone 5’s. One thing I have not been accustomed to activate Notification Center is located at the top of the screen. For certain activities on the iPhone 5, it will be hard for Asians given the size of his palm that was smaller than the Americans.

Review Iphone 5 By Experience


Previously, the iPhone 4 completely covered by the glass, but not for the iPhone 5. Although the front and backplate minority iPhone 5 is fitted with glass, but the majority of iPhone 5 is the aluminum backplate. Likewise, the bezel.

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iPhone 5 New Material

Some people complained about the vulnerability of iPhone 5 to scratches, but I myself during the use of the iPhone 5, have not found scratches on the iPhone 5. Perhaps because of the iPhone 5 white, but as long as you do not use rude and reckless, I believe the iPhone 5 you will remain smooth until his death. Importantly, do not enter into your pocket when you are wearing jeans that has buttons on the outside.

My feeling when holding the iPhone 5 itself is very comfortable (in addition to the difficulty to access the Notification Center with the thumb). He feels good in the hand and is so precise. You will know the reason Apple made the iPhone 4-inch so hold the iPhone 5 directly.


Previously, Apple uses the dock connector is 30-pin on their iOS device. And now, in the iPhone 5, they use an 8-pin dock or what they call the Lightning.


Earpods is a headset with an exclusive design. The shape is very precise in the ears that listen to songs in a long duration, it will not hurt your ears. At first glance, I see a similarity of design Earpods such as hearing aids, but believe me, wearing a very comfortable Earpods.

The resulting sound quality itself is far better than previous Apple headset. The bass sound in Earpods very thick, treble sound produced is also very crisp. It could be said that Apple did a very significant update on Earpods.


For the affairs of the camera, do not have a lot of writing again. Immediately, you see, and you value yourself what difference the camera of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. I can say, not much of a striking difference really.

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The experience of using the iPhone 5, of course, can not be separated from its battery’s durability. And based on some time testing, I found the result like this against the battery of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 When Standby: I tested the battery of the iPhone 5 in a standby position when I sleep. I let the iPhone 5 just like that, without any open applications, 3G stable, normal principal deh. And from these experiments tested, the battery of the iPhone 5 when I let stand for 11 hours and 20 minutes, he ran out of batteries as much as 12% (in a state of active 3G, Twitter and Path is active).

iPhone 5 When Playing Games: To play games (At this time of testing, I helped my niece maniac game, Glenn Sukardi), I found that the iPhone 5 spend 7% battery after playing Infinity Blade II for 20 minutes. As for playing a 2D game Angry Birds Space manner using the same time, the iPhone 5 running out of even ran around 14%. Confused? Me, too.

iPhone 5 When Doing Charging: Charging the iPhone 5 has a duration which is not much different from other iDevices. When you discharge the battery of the iPhone 5 and then you are charged using a charging load, it will take 2 hours to fully charge. Not much different from his predecessors.


Apple’s decision to embed the Apple A6 processor in the iPhone 5 seems to me very appropriate. All activity on the iPhone 5 feels very fast. For example, when I saw information about a concert at one of the sites, I would like to inform this to my friends. Then, in the not too long ago, I would like to see the development of Happy Street I, but suddenly the phone rang. It really does not happen to hang or crash the system altogether. Everything went very smoothly.

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I used to use GarageBand, just for fun only, and sometimes as my personal metronome when playing the guitar. And in the iPhone 5, using GarageBand very comfortable. Although it is not very smooth, but GarageBand on the iPhone 5 runs faster than on GarageBand on iPad 3rd Gen me.

In the open web, for example, when opening the site lively and large, there is absolutely no obstacle. Each page appears within a very short time. In fact, there is relatively no obstacles at all.


Apple has taken a very brave decision with this device. They managed to create a device that is different from the others, not enlarged, but extends to the essence of comfort when holding it maintained. In fact, if I may say, with a thinner size and the length, holding the iPhone 5 really very comfortable.

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