Do not be deceived, Here’s How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit iPhone Cables

Although claimed exclusive and priced at exorbitant prices, not all devices supporting accessories Apple claimed its authenticity. The proof, in October 2016, the Cupertino-based company filed a lawsuit against Amazon for selling fake iPhone accessory.

Accessories counterfeit form of adapters, cables, and several is made by a company other Star Mobile LLC and 50 other companies manufacturers of prosthetic devices.

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The danger, fake accessories are sold may pose a risk is quite dangerous, as can heat up, short circuit, to burns. Apple claims to have tested the feasibility of the accessory and found a number of problems in low and high voltage circuits.

Well, so do not be fooled, it helps you re-check the authenticity of iPhone users used cable. Page BGR, Friday (04/07/2017), summarizes how to easily distinguish the original iPhone cable and fake. Consider the following trick:

Verify, ‘Made for iPhone’

Apple has two kinds of production standard accessories: standard production made directly by the company, and the standards where they verified third-party accessories. By doing so, the official accessories that have such standards have certainly had the inscription “Made for iPhone”.

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Writing and logo Made for iPhone can be found in the sales box accessory, whether it ear pod sold separately, battery charger, case, dock or speaker also.

Well, the original cable iPhone just does not have the writing Made for iPhone. Because, the only accessory that did not support the article is labeled charger cable. So, if you find a charger cable that has frills Made for iPhone, certainly it was a fake.

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