Reason Why 1GB RAM in the iPhone 6 Faster than 3GB of RAM on Android

Apple as we know they have just decided to still carry 1GB of RAM memory for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and do not follow the competitors who have started adopting a larger RAM. Well, what is the reason Apple is actually still pinned duo 1GB RAM in the iPhone 6?

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Citing from Glyn Williams in a question and answer sites Quora, mentioned iOS devices have faster performance than Android devices with larger RAM of 1GB. This is because the application does not use Java iOS devices as well as Android.

His Said, “iOS does not use this style of garbage collection and does not slow down in constrained memory environments.”

So 1GB for iOS results in more performance than 3GB for Android.

Furthermore, Android is mentioned requiring extra large memory space for garbage collection process, a process of re-use of the memory after the Android app to use it. This process will go well in a memory system with a relief space, but when a lot of applications running in the background, the performance would be decreased.

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Although many people initially have any doubts about the ability of performance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which only has 1GB of RAM, 1GB of RAM performance is in the iPhone 6 duo proved faster than Android smartphones already started adopting the RAM up to 3GB though.

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