Motorola Launch Smartphone Moto M

After a near death for several years, the brand Motorola again raised by Lenovo. Not wanting to waste my time, back in the smartphone industry, Lenovo as the holder of the brand Moto presents the ranks of the device to fill a variety of segments needed smartphone lovers.

The return Motorola marked the launch of an entry-level phone Moto Power E3 last October. At that time, Lenovo launched its readiness to abide by the rules of content from local industry (DCL) 4G mobile phones in the country for the brand Moto.

Furthermore, last January modular concept of premium mobile phone Moto Moto Z and Z Play launches with accessories unloading pair named Moto Mods. Get a positive response from the people in the world, Lenovo did not seem like a waste of opportunity.

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