New BlackBerry Tablet with Android OS Will Soon Release?

BlackBerry is now struggling to remain able to maintain the business in the field of mobile devices. Even recently BlackBerry CEO John Chen spoke at today’s analyst conference call to discuss the earnings report the company’s fiscal fourth quarter.

During the conversation with the Wall Street, Chen made all BlackBerry fans became excited when he said that the BlackBerry move to the second phase of the program license. He noted that one of the BlackBerry partners are very interested in making tablets with the Android OS, and as a result “you will soon see the BlackBerry tablet,” said Chen.

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Later, the company the opportunity to make this handset is one of three companies that have been licensed to make BlackBerry phones. All three TCL including China, India Optiemus and BB Red and White Indonesian PT. Chen did not disclose which of the three is interested in producing the Android tablets. If the tablet is manufactured, the BlackBerry will receive royalties based on sales.

The tablet will run on software provided by BlackBerry specifically. Previously, the company also never had a tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook was released in 2011 and, where such devices menjalankam QNX operating system that later turned into BlackBerry 10. Unfortunately, these tablets are not present with important applications, such as calendar and email, even if the operating system is executed acceptable either.

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