5 Reasons Android is Better than iPhone

5 reason why android more than iphone

Can not be denied, the feud of Android and iOS has lasted long enough. IOS and Android lovers are claiming each other’s devices are superior.

Naturally, Apple comes as a premium smartphone with all its exclusive features. Meanwhile, Android appears as a mobile phone with a variety of price options, ranging from the cheapest price to up to the price equivalent to the iPhone.

In addition, there are other reasons that make a lot of people prefer to use Android smartphones rather than Apple’s iPhone.

1. External Memory Option

External Memory Android

Most of today’s Android smartphones already offer a choice of microSD card slot inside. Users can storage capacity if the internal memory is full.

Not only microSD, storage such as USB drives and external HDD can be used to store data such as photos, videos, or music.

WithUSB OTG dongle, you only need to connect Android smartphone with your preferred storage media. IOS itself actually also has a similar feature, unfortunately not all iOS devices support this feature.

2. Dual SIM

Dual Sim

Like the microSD slot, many Android smartphones on the market to bring features dual SIM option.

In this way, you can use one SIM card for data packets, and the other to make or receive phone calls and SMS. IOS to date still has not raised this option

3. Install Third Party Applications

Third Party Installation Android

Unless your iPhone is on a jailbreak, there’s no way you can use to install apps on an iPhone other than the App Store.

4. Multiuser

Multiuser Android Features

Since Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Google provides an option where users can add other accounts on their Android smartphone or tablet.

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In addition to being able to ‘share’ ownership of Android devices with others, you can use this feature to limit device access when a child or nephew when borrowing a device. Until now, Apple still no intention to bring this feature.

5. Charging Wireless Power

Charging Wireless Power

One of the defining features of why Android smartphones are superior to the iPhone is the feature of wireless charging or wireless charging.

Although this is not a specific feature of a particular vendor, wireless charging allows you to charge the battery without having to be complicated.

Simply put in the ‘pads’ wireless charging, your smartphone will be charged battery. Not only that, some vendors also improve this feature with faster battery charging capabilities.

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