Beware of Spread of Viruses from Counterfeit Software

One of the cyber crime that is difficult dammed at this time is the spread of malware. Because malware can enter from many doors, including through the use of fake software.

Husin Tau, Genuine Software Initiative Coordinator Microsoft says today many people are using computers containing malware. As a result of the use of this fake software, the computer so vulnerable hacking.

“One of the spreading is through fake software that contains malware, so when installed the malware goes into the computer, after which hackers will try to connect to the computer to steal important data,” he said on the sidelines of a brief discussion session in the workshop class ” Cybersecurity “at the exhibition of Indonesia E-Commerce and Summit Expo (IESE) 2017, at Indonesia Convention and Exhibition (ICE), BSD City.

Husin added, not a few users who are negligent when surfing the internet. Users just play the origin of the course without regard to its URL, but it is phishing. As a result users input their data on phishing sites that are made exactly the same as the original site. “When entering the site that our data is taken,” added Husin.

Husin appealed that consumers always use the original software to prevent the occurrence of cyber crime. He did not dismiss that many consumers are difficult to distinguish which the original software and fake.

“In the market a lot of Microsoft products are sold without any official label.Non-genuine products are dangerous because it can contain malware,” he said.

Microsoft itself has done a test on counterfeit software circulating in the market, the result almost all contain malware. These counterfeit goods are the entrance to malware.

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To minimize the spread of malware, Microsoft is working with e-Commerce sites to educate consumers about counterfeit products because Microsoft sees there are a lot of pirated products sold online. So later fake products will be derived from the e-Commerce site.

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